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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  July 24, 2014 1:07am-1:43am PDT

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two children locked in a hot car while their mother gambled at an east bay casino. >> and tonight rescuers describe the frightened faces peering at them from inside. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama dates. the mother of thechildren two cn was arrested at casino 580 in livermore for child endangerment. >> abc7 news reporter alan wang is live outside the casino with the story. alan? >> dan, police say the mother is from oakland and she was inside this casino gambling on sunday night around now, the children are okay, but thi where livermore where the inside of your car can heat up like an oven very quickly. that's why police are not taking this lightly. when livermore police and firefighters responded to this parking lot across the street from casino 580, heard two small children crying. and they saw the face of the 3-t them from the back window of this car. a 2-year-old girl was also inside. >> it is not okay to leave
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your kids in the car for even a minute. >> employees at this company who reported the kids estimated they were in the car for 30 minutes to an hour. the mother, 37-year-old fayley >> she covered the window with a blanket. i don't know if she was trying to conceal the children or try to keep the heat out. >> they had the window cracked open and a firefighter reached in and opened the door. it was 75 degrees outside, but the temperature inside was 81 and rising. >> i i wouldn't even leave my dog in the car for 10 minutes out here let alone my kids. >> she saw the police activity and came out. she was arrested on the spot. >> she went and left them for over 30 minutes to go and do something for her pleasure. >> do you rick cog nieces -- recognize this woman? >> yes. >> tell me about her. >> she is here quite a bit. >> police don't know if she
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has left her children like this before, but now her kids are in protective custody. alan wang, abc7 news. >> and we are hearing about this type of thing happening more and more. just last month a san jose woman was arrested for leaving her kids a 10-year-old and a 1-year-old in the car while she was at a casino in roanoke park. she told deputies she would only be in there for a few minutes. the f.a.a. has just lifted its ban on u.s. flights to israel. the agency imposed a 24-hour prohibition yesterday after a rocket strike about a mile from the international airport. the directive only applied to u.s. carriers, but other international airlines followed suit. the f.a.a. says it is continuing to monitor the situation, but it has lifted its ban. also breaking tonight, police say a man electrocuted in oakland may have been trying to steel copper wire. the man was found dead after 9:00 at the former pacific pipe company on west grand avenue and mandela parkway.
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police believe he was trying to steal copper wire at the abandoned building when he was electrocuted. an investigation ordered after a botched execution in arizona today. witnesses of the execution say joseph wood gasped and snorted for two hours after he was injected with lethal drugs. >> you can hear a deep snoring and suck sound. >> to lay there to him gasping for two hours i liken it to a fish thrown on the shore. >> he is accused of killing his ex-girlfriend and her family. the victim's family members say they have no problem with the way the execution was carrie more worried everybody id about did he suffer. who really suffered was my dad and my sister when they were killed. >> these people that do this that are on death row they deserve to suffer a little bit. >> arizona governor january brewer says -- jan brewer says
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he did not suffer and died in a lawful manner. she has offered a full review of the process. a southern california man at the center of a brutal beating caught on video is demanding answers from the san jose police department. here is the cell phone video that has nate howard claiming that police used expes sigh force. -- excessive force and he spoke with cornell bernard with the story. >> nate howard is demanding a formal police investigation after the beating he said he received by officers on this very spot two months ago all caught on tape. >> what is inside of you is greater than anything you can imagine. >> 23-year-old nate howard is a motivational speaker in southern california who teaches high school students to write and perform poetry. last may he gave a commencement speech at san jose state university. what happened following an after party was caught on a cell pone. it shows san jose police and a group of african-americans,
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many college students. watch carefully as police beat nate howard with a baton and throw him on the ground where he is handcuffed and taken into custody. >> it happened so fast. i was in complete shock. >> howard skypeed with us from san diego. he said he did nothing wrong and was only questioning police actions against a friend. lawyers call it over the top and filed a conduct complaint against san jose police. >> excessive use of force was implemented and unwarranted because he posed no danger or threat to public safety. >> howard was never charged. he filed a complaint with police's internal affairs. when he heard nothing, a new conduct complaint was filed with the san jose independent police auditor who works with internal affairs. >> we determine if it was thorough and objective and if the analysis was objective. if we disagree with how they handled it we send it back. >> i am more motivated to come
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to an understanding how the enforcement is conducting their arrest. >> he is demanding an uh poll scree and discipline of the officers involved. so far month comment from san jose police. cornell bernard, abc7 news. >> a san leandro man is facing weapons charges and accused of turning his bicycle into a shotgun. they say he mounted a metal pipe on the handles bars in the opening was a shotgun shell with a bb taped to the end. he also had a hammer in the backpack and the hammer could have been used to hit the bb causing the shotgun shell to fire. an investigation after a loaded shotgun was found at a santa rosa elementary school. the kids were looking for marbles near the gun left by a gang member. things are not looking so rosy for the famous san francisco flower mart. kilroy reality has paid $27
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million to buy outstanding shares. flower grower association. right now there is no word on what is going to happen to that 58-year-old flower mart at the corner of brannon and 6th street or its vendors. the deal is expected to close by the end of the year. a castro valley woman is upset with pg&e after two gas leaks. both times she said she had to call 9-1-1 when pg&e refused to. >> we were terrified. >> today's leak happened in the same spot where a pg&e worker accidentally broke the valve on monday while adjusting it. robin and her neighbors were immediately evacuated. the utility's lack of concern made her angry. but pg&e said they followed protocol and nobody was jie. danger jie. pg&e told me they couldn't give me a time somebody would be out because it is an all day emergency appointment. >> we understand our customer is frustrated with our process
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and we may have fallen short. >> the teamworking determined that her meter is older and needs additional repairs. pg&e will replace the entire involve to prevent future problems. the coroner's office was evacuated for more than an hour today. here is why. the oakland fire department says somebody opened the bag with a badly de come posed body inside -- de m composed body inside. employees started complaining of nose and throat irritation m firefighters never found anything toxic to explain what happened. but they flushed the air in the building before letting people back to work. certainly very unpleasant. carb loading for a cause. the big stars with big appetites raising big money. why this year was a special one for the 49er. >> and fat sh facebook. northern california women targeted. one victim's strong words for the person behind that very cruel page. >> and a prestigious -- well,
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pretentious things. do you live in one of the snobiest cities in the country? >> it is mild outside right now, but we are about to see a major shift that will bring us hot, summer days. i will be back with the de isssments is jimmy kimmle jie. here is a sense of the nonsense we have in store for you tonight. >> there is a frat house
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urban outfitters is being condemned by a treatment
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center. the retailer handed out pens that look like hypodermic needles to promote a partnership with a hair salon. anti-drug advocates say grabbing more rising -- glamorizing hair heroin addiction could make it worse. urban outfitters did not return phone calls. >> a fat shaming facebook page has been pulled from the website after an on slot of criticism. it was called 530-fatties and it looked at yuba and sutter counties. and it shows snap shots of people who had no idea their photo was being taken. jesse lynn howl was horrified after finding a picture of herself on the page. she says she is speaking out to give others a voice. >> it is hurtful and embarrassing. they post people's pictures without their permission. that's hurtful. cyberbullying, bullying period needs to stop. it needs to stop.
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>> the creator of the page whose name was not listed did not respond to requests for an interview. facebook says the page violates the community standards. this morning the 49ers hit the field, believe it or not, for the first day of training camp. today they focused less on the super bowl and focused more on the pasta bowl. >> tiffany wilson is live at levi stadium in santa clara with more on the charity event. >> the co-chairman was thrilled that levi stadium was ready in time for this year's pasta bowl. it is the second largest fundraiser all year long they presented checks combined of a quarter million dollars. the boys are back in the bay. >> home, totally home. >> and they have come hungry. >> i am looking for the main course. >> welcome to pasta bowl 8.
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the 49ers are part of the crowd. >> those fans paid a pretty price for a chance to score a signature. >> they are seeiney are. big they are. >> tables went for $20,000 and the money all goes to charity and anquan boldin considers giving back an important part of the nfl. >> the legacy you leave. >> he is sporting his signature khakis and all smiles. >> it is a conditioning test and they knocked it out of the park. >> speaking of park -- >> this stadium is incredible. >> incredible, but untested. >> i am not worried. it is a football field no matter how you chalk it up. >> a prince waiting for his
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crown. colin kaepernick didn't want to answer questions. >> don't even ask him. >> first home game is september 14th. in santa clara, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> looks fun. >> we have three of the top five snobbiest cities in the country. >> palo alto is number one according to real estate block movado, the median home price there is more than a million dollars. the peninsula city has the fourth highest percentage of college graduates at nearly 80%. and apparently people are not afraid to brag about that. >> which round out the five? bethesda, maryland is number two. that's followed by brooke line, massachusetts. >> san rafael is number four and let's not forget walnut creek. >> the movodo site said it used information like home prices, household income and
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the number of art galleries to calculate each city's snob factor. >> debate that among yourselves. let's talk about the weather forecast. let's not worry about snobby. we should worry about wet and rainy. >> hi, sandhya. >> nothing snob be about our weather forecasts. as we look at live doppler 7hd, we will start to turn up the heat. the temperatures will sore over the next couple days. right now patchy fog is showing up along the coastline and as you look at our current water temperatures,ey are stillh they are still running higher than average this time of year in the low to mid60s, check out bodega bay. it is 58 degrees. for several days we have seen the numbers in the 60s. the fact that it has come down and indicating that the dryer air is moving in. the humidity has been dropping. by the way, monterey bay was 68 this afternoon. larry is laughing, but that was a record for today.
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we had a south wind upwelling the cold water. it is a spectacular view. the sutro tower, clear skies and 62 in san francisco and 66 oakland and currently in san carlos as well. san jose 65 and mild around the entire region. you can see the golden gate bridge. fog is not a problem. 68 in concord. from our exploratorium camera, clear skiesco. in san francisco. getting hot the next few days and it will get warm at the coastline. but don't worry, not too hot at our beaches. the cold front is pushing through. slightly dryer air has moved in. we will continue to see the dryer air mass. the only thing is we are going to see the temperatures coming up the next two days as the air mass shifts back toward the bay area. they will see the temperatures coming up tomorrow.
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tomorrow morning starting out with clear skies skies and mild weather. we will see a little fog to start of on. and then the fog will move out of the picture. 70s to 90s and it is a big warm up for your thursday. you will feel the difference inland where the temperatures will go up as much as 10 degrees. tomorrow in the south bay, hot in los gatos and 88 in san jose. on the peninsula, redwood city, palo alto. 71 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco, low 90s 90s for santa rosa and sonoma and to the east bay we go. oakland san leandro low 80s. inland spots, 94 in livermore and 95 in fairfield. getting hot hot about. hot out there. it will be warm if you are going to the a's versus astros game. uv index is high. make sure you have the sun screet. mid70s coast.
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temperatures will back off over the weekend, but you will nothe difference notice the dife because the humidity will creep back upittle bit. dan and ama? >> thank you so much, sandhya. >> believe it or not football is really here. >> it certainly is. but we still have baseball to talk about too? >> yes. and cespedes may be the only thing hotter than a monterey boui. the funny thing hathe way to ans victor
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after a 14-inning victory it is another grinded out win for the giants in philly. beating the phillies and the rain and the lightning. let's start with cpr, please. hunter pemse brings it back to life. the rain caused a 59-minute delay. eight score less and struck out six. trouble in the eighth and bum gets blanco and gets out of the jam. a blooper off jonathoneand a
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two-out double with the bases loaded 3-1 giants the final and now two up on the dodgers. a's and astros on root beer float night. they raised $29,000 for the juvenile diabetes research foundation. the big head on hand. a no hitter through four and struck out seven. got some help. he takes the former a deep to right. if it is fair it is gone. it is both. 1-0a's. later in the second. he is not my ennis, he is sandhya was checking the boui temps. he left with a sprained thumb. the a's built the lead. they win it. earthquakes facing the chicago
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fire. some thunder with a right foot right there. his first goal of the year. finally. the 49ers opened training campew who showed up and who is still holding out? that's [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed. [ heart beats ]
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it's the yoplait greek taste-off double the speed. and we are asking the music city which 100-calorie strawberry greek yogurt is the next big thing. i'm a random lady with a table full of yogurt. want some greek yogurt? can i ask you a question? tell us what tastes best. this one is definitely the winner. that one is good. a is great. yoplait greek 100! that's the stuff right there. you want to see which one yoplait greek beat? chobani yes! yoplait greek wins again. take the taste-off for yourself! it is a beautiful day for yogurt. contract, but after holding out at mini camp and costing
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himself a bundle the tightened did report on day one of the 49ers training camp. vernon was facing a $30,000 a day fine if he continued to hold out. he didn't have much lefnlg. colin kaepernick who just signed a huge deal himself was happy to see one of his favorite targets in camp. >> always great to have vernon on the field. looks good. excited to have him back out here. he is a good guy. he has done a lot for this organization. he has made a lot of great plays for us. we are happy he is here. >> still one player missing from the 9er camp. alex boone is feeling he out performed his contract which will pay him $2 million if he shows up. he has two years left on his existing deal, so we will see who gives in first, boone or the team. raiders also reported their first practice is on friday. >> rhino is a good name. >> it is a
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♪and it...takes my breath away wake up weather. it will start off clear except for a few patches of fog and mild. temperatures are 50s coming up to the 60s quickly. mike n cry o will track the heat 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. >> thank you, sandhya. that is this edition of abc7 news. >> abc7 news continues now on-line, on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile devices with your new abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. >> stay tuned right now on jimmy kimmle, chef gordon ramsey.
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his hand. the allay gore was later
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captured and taken away. the diver says he'll be back on the job soon because he says it was an adventure. >> that's an understatement. >> that is an understatement. in colorado a popular resort town is bear-proofing their trash cans. they're using strong locks to keep the bears away from a free meal and letting the bears do the product testing themselves. eventually 6,000 trash conta containers will be retrofitted. it comes after four bears had to be put down because they came too close to residents while eating from the trash. i've never had that problem before. >> no. he's really going at it. >> sure is. well, here is a video that flies in the face of stereotypical attitude, like cool dude, hang ten, man. >> one surfer is fed up and he's not going to take it anymore. it shows one guy riding a wave and all of a sudden another dude cuts in on the same wave! >> dude! he's had it with the guy, so he hits the guy with a cross-body block, sending them both into the water.
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the guy who took out the other surfer said it was the third straight wave, that the guy cut him off and he wasn't going to stand for it. >> the guy who was aggressive is a new zealander and the guy he decked was from brazil. >> but a cross-body block on a surfboard? you don't see that every day. check this out. boom. boom. well, soon. boom. >> there you go. >> right there. coming up in "the mix," help for insomniacs. the gadget that could come in handy, especially at this hour. later, one of the world's most talented songwriters who wants to stay out of the spotlight. hear about his personal success. you're watching "world news now." ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by bounty. wwhy quit? s much fun, and bounty has no quit in it either.
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